Niko Niko Chou

A coffee shop / pastry shop concept in Kyoto – Japan

Presentation of the project

Niko Niko Chou is the opening project of a French pastry brand to sublimate and make Madeleine, the new taste trend in Japan

Niko Niko Chou is also a local production workshop, located in downtown Kyoto, which will sell the pastries directly to the workshop for consumption on site or in take away or which can deliver other coffee shops in the entire Kyoto region.

Personnal project

Business plan, Website, Logos, communicaton…


A Business Plan Website

Writing of a complete Business Plan of more than 70 pages including : general information, various market studies, marketing approach, necessary investments as well as tables of sales and profitability prospects.

Creation of a website for investors, to present the business plan in an interactive and more attractive way than the paper document.

Logo & Branding

Creation of the graphic charter, logos and their strategic positioning.

Creation of communication tools, product packaging and Niko Niko Chou brand image.

The logos have their roots in Japanese folklore and must generate a strong attachment. They are composed of an animal head and a round body resembling the shape of a cake cut into pieces. The body is streaked to recall the Kimono, a strong symbol of the city of Kyoto.

The overall shape of the logo is reminiscent of the Darumas, those statuettes commonly found in Japanese temples

Goodies & Strategy

Development of a whole range of goodies products: search for service providers, request for quotes, graphic design, analysis of the market and the potential of each product.

Development of the marketing strategy, products placement (goodies, coffee, cakes) and brand image work

Pastry Chef

I trained myself in several pastry techniques to develop my own « signature » creations, including Colorful cheese cake dome, Yuzu madeleines with colored shell and other cakes specially designed for a marriage of flavors between France and Japan.

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