First video library for an audiovisual market with more than 300 international buyers

Presentation of the project

The Screening of Le Rendez-vous de Biarritz  was the first screening room created for an audiovisual market in 2003.

This event « Le Rendez-Vous de Biarritz » takes place every year over a week where the right to make mistakes is not allowed.

It’s a working tool for 300 buyers, who came especially from all over the world to watch French TV programs.

More than 1,200 programs are presented each year by some sixty companies such as Studio Canal, TF1 Studio, Arte Sales, France TV Distribution, Banijay (etc.)

The video library includes 2,000 fully consutable videos, available on a half-local/mi-online network of 180 viewing stations

TV France International

Creating an Offline & Online Screening Room

2003 – 2018

An User Interface adapted to the event

Each year new functionalities have been integrated, from the use of rfid cards to connect, to collaborative work, to playlist sharing or an innovative note-taking system.

Touch screen statistical terminals are available for buyers and exhibitors, allowing them to retrieve all the information essential to their work

Risk and team management

I managed a team of 10 people on site (from network technicians, developers, to reception desk staff)

The event lasted only a few days and hundreds of buyers travelling from the United States or Japan to participate. Reactivity, as well as decision-making in the face of unexpected problems were essential.

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