Explore Japon

The best podcast to discover all about Japan

Presentation of the project

In love with Japan I decided to launch a Podcast in order to share my knowledge about this beautiful country.
From the creation of episode content, to recording, to publication, I work on all aspects of this Project
I also set up the logo and the website that allows you to have more information about each episode and to listen to them directly on the website.
The website also allows you to categorize episodes for listeners who are not interested in just one aspect of the podcast (to prepare for their trip to Japan, for example)

Personnal Project

Creation of the Podcast and website


Explore all aspects of Japan

1 episode per week are published, each lasting between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the subject.

With already about seventy episodes and more than 500 listenings per episode (June 2020 ), I explore all aspects of Japan, travel, lifestyle, learning Japanese etc.

The podcast is available on all the usual platforms: spotify, google podcast, apple podcast, anchor and many others!